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Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs Division (IA)

The Internal Affairs Division is under the command of Lieutenant Joe Traylor.

The mission of the Internal Affairs Division is to assist the Sheriff in maintaining the public trust by conducting administrative investigations of deputy’s involved critical incidents and complaints received on all employees of the Saline County Sheriff’s Office.  Critical incidents include officer-involved shootings, pursuits resulting in serious injury, or any incident resulting in serious injury or death of a person, regardless of any allegations of misconduct.

In addition, all complaints of misconduct, whether received from citizens or Sheriff’s Office employees, are investigated in accordance with policy.

Complaint Guidelines

All complaints are evaluated to determine the severity of the complaint and the possible impact on the employee in question.  As a matter of policy, the Internal Affairs Division does not investigate complaints concerning traffic violations or criminal charges when a person’s guilt or innocence is the issue in question.

A single internal investigation may involve more than one complainant, and may include more than one alleged violation of several departmental rules, regulations, policies or procedures.  The complaint process can take up to sixty calendar days or more depending upon the complexity of the complaint. All internal investigations are conducted fairly and impartially. Once the process is completed, you will be notified in the form of a letter regarding the disposition and action taken.

Additionally, Internal Affairs Division does not normally investigate unsigned complaints, third party complaints, anonymous complaints, or complaints of improper actions (whether administrative or criminal) by employees of other law enforcement agencies.  To file a complaint you can visit the Internal Affairs Section office at 735 S. Neeley Street, Benton, Arkansas 72015.  Please reference the apparent misconduct by a Saline County Sheriff’s Office employee in person or by calling 501-303-5742.  Office hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday (excluding county holidays). After office hours, a message and return phone number may be left via voice mail and the call will be returned the following business day.



Lt. Traylor.JPG

Lieutenant Joe Traylor
Internal Affairs Division Commander
Phone: 501-303-1541



Citizen Compliment & Complaint Form

We, the Saline County Sheriff’s Office, are committed to providing the highest quality of public service by empowering our members and the community to work in partnership with the goal of improving the quality of life within Saline County, while at the same time maintaining respect for individual rights and human dignity.

Our goal is to ensure that our employees are guided by the principles that every individual has infinite dignity and worth, and that we must show respect for the citizens we serve and for the men and women of the agency.

A citizen compliment or complaint, and its subsequent investigation, causes the Sheriff’s Office to examine the service that we provide to our community and to make necessary improvements in the way we provide those services.

Each complaint will be investigated and appropriate follow up actions taken. You will be informed of the results of the investigation initiated by your complaint.

If you have a complaint or you would like to compliment an employee, you can fill out the attached or enclosed form and either mail it or hand-deliver it off at the Saline County Sheriff’s Office.  All forms must be notarized. Please call 501-303-5742 if you have any questions or need assistance filling out the form.

Complaints can be filed on actions by any Sheriff’s Office employee.

Saline County Sheriff’s Office

Citizen Compliment & Complaint Process

Internal Affairs Division

Saline County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Division
735 S. Neeley Street 
Benton, Arkansas 72015, 501-303-5747




Thank you for taking time to let us know how the Saline County Sheriff’s Office can better improve the service we provide the community.  Community policing depends on a working partnership between the police and the citizens we serve.  We would rather not get to know our citizens as crime victims or as complainants, but when problems arise it is our goal to resolve the issue quickly and courteously.

Sheriff Rodney Wright




How do I compliment a Sheriff’s Office Employee?

Citizens wishing to compliment an employee should prepare a brief description of the employee’s performance and mail it to the Saline County Sheriff’s Office, c/o Sheriff Wright.

What happens to the compliment?

Once the Sheriff’s Office is in receipt of the compliment, a copy of the letter will be placed in the employee’s personnel file.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding the letter of compliment, the employee could be nominated for an inter-departmental letter of compliment or award.

Will I be notified that the Sheriff’s Office has received my letter of compliment?

Yes. You will be notified via written correspondence from the Office of the Sheriff that the Sheriff’s Office has received your letter.




The primary function of the Internal Affairs Division is to investigate complaints made against both deputies and civilian members of the Saline County Sheriff’s Office.  To ensure public trust and to maintain the integrity of the Saline County Sheriff’s Office, the Internal Affairs Division conducts immediate, thorough, objective and unbiased investigations of official misconduct.  This procedure also allows us to ensure that various policy protocols are in the best interest of public service.

What does IA do with the complaint?

The Commander of IA will evaluate the severity of the complaint.  Based on the nature of the complaint, it will be referred to the appropriate level for inquiry.

Will I be contacted by IA?

Yes.  Following the receipt and assignment of the complaint, you will be contacted by IA. The IA investigator will then interview witnesses and complaint subjects.

How are cases reviewed for completeness?

The Chief Deputy of the Saline County Sheriff’s Office will review all cases to ensure they are complete and thorough.  

How are cases evaluated?

Once a case has been investigated and reviewed it is given one of five classifications.  The classifications given is known as the finding(s):

(1)        Unfounded:

Based on the facts of the investigation, the act(s) did not occur.

(2)        Exonerated:

Actions of the involved officer(s) were justified, lawful and proper.

(3)        Insufficient evidence:

There was not enough evidence to prove or disprove the allegation(s).

(4)        Sustained:

Sufficient evidence exists to prove the allegations of misconduct.

(5)        Not Sustained:

There was insufficient evidence to clearly prove or disprove the complaint or incident.

When does the Sheriff’s Office review cases?

Upon completion of all formal complaints filed by a citizen or administratively, the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, or the Sheriff’s designee ultimately reviews them.

How are the complainants and/or involved parties notified?

The complainant is notified via mail with the results and findings of the investigation.  For inquiries, contact will be made via telephone.

Will my complaint impact on any charges previously placed against me by the Sheriff’s Office?

No, criminal and traffic related charges must be resolved by the courts.

What happens at the conclusion of an investigation?

If the investigation fails to sustain any misconduct, you will receive a correspondence from the IA Commander advising you of the disposition.  If misconduct is established, the Sheriff or his designee will make a final disciplinary recommendation to the employee.  If the employee accepts that recommendation the matter will be concluded.  However, should the employee decline the offer, the matter will follow established procedures, which may result in the employee filing an appeal to the Sheriff’s final disciplinary recommendation.







  1. Disregard any reporting fields relating to personnel/members or department identification numbers.
  2. Please print or type your name, home address, and telephone number(s) in the field identified as “complainant”.
  3. Print or type the names, home addresses and telephone number(s) in the fields identified as “complainant” witnesses.
  4. Document by print or typing a detailed narrative of what occurred to initiate the complaint and be certain to include the date of the incident, precise location where the incident occurred, identifying information of the deputy or member of personnel such as patrol unit license number, badge number, and name.
  5. Print or type your name in the complaint affirmation section and provide your signature to the form below the affirmation section.
  6. Attach any supporting information or documents that you feel might assist the investigating officer of the Saline County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Division in this investigation.
  7. Lastly, upon completion of the complaint/compliment form please, be sure to provide your signature on the affirmation section in the presence of a notary, who should then affix their seal on page 4 of the citizen complaint/compliment form to certify the authenticity of the form.

Click Here to View the Citizen Complaint/Compliment Form

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