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From an early age, we learn the importance of being responsible. Those lessons are taught to us by our parents, relatives, friends, teachers, coaches, and pastors.  As adults and productive members of our communities, we are expected to be responsible in every aspect of our lives to include: our finances; our education; our profession and; in our personal relationships.

If we bounce a check, the consequence is a bank fee.  If we decide not to do homework or study, the consequence is a low grade.  If we miss a deadline at work, the consequence could be loss of pay or a promotion.    If we make an inappropriate comment to a friend or loved one, the consequence could be a relationship that needs repair. 

With these consequences, there will be setbacks but the sun will rise the next day and life will continue.

This Holiday season will bring family and friends together.  During those times, alcoholic beverages may flow.  There will, no doubt, be many smiles and laughs that will be shared.

The Saline County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) urges everyone in our community, as well as all of our visitors, to be responsible this Holiday season.  Please do not drink alcohol and decide to open up your driver's side door, put your key in the ignition, put your car into gear and drive.   


The SCSO will be adding deputies on our roads from December 30th to January 3rd.  Their sole responsibility will be to enforce traffic laws and arrest individuals who choose to drink and drive. 

If pulled over by a SCSO deputy and drivers are found to have been drinking, expect the deputy to ask questions.  The drivers will, most likely, be required to perform a series of tests to determine their sobriety.  If it is determined that the driver is under the influence of alcohol, he or she will be asked to place their hands behind their back.  They will be handcuffed and placed in the rear of a SCSO patrol vehicle.  A wrecker will be called and the driver's vehicle will be impounded.  Once at the SCSO Detention Center, the driver will be booked, searched, asked additional questioned, photographed, fingerprinted, and then placed into population, which is usually ranges between 134 to 243 inmates.

Because the courts will be closed on certain observed Holidays, the driver will be a guest at the SCSO Detention Center until Monday, January 3rd.    

Within a few minutes of being booked, the driver's mug shot will be posted on the SCSO Website for all to see. 

Those are just a few consequences immediately following an arrest for DWI.  There will be legal fees that will be incurred by the driver.  A trial date will be set where the facts of the case will be made public.  If found guilty, incarceration is a possibility.  Driving privileges are frequently suspended and insurance rates will be increased dramatically.

The consequences for drinking and driving are harsh for a good reason.  However, in the scenario described above, the sun will rise the next day and life will go on.

There can be even more severe and life changing consequences when one drinks and drives. 

Speed and alcohol are the leading causes of traffic fatalities in Saline County.   Med-Flight helicopters will be fueled and the crews will be manned by EMS personnel.  They will transport victims of car accidents to local hospitals.  Trauma centers will be staffed with nurses and physicians to treat victims of those accidents.  The Saline County Coroner will be on call to respond to any accident involving a death.

In far too many DWI cases, the sun will not rise the next morning for victims and life will not go on.

Please be responsible over the New Year's Holiday.  Drinking and driving has many consequences, from having your mug shot posted to the public, to losing your privilege to drive, to having $10,000 plus in legal expenses, to having a family member make a decision as to whether to have an open or closed casket funeral.

Remember the important lessons taught by your parents, relatives, friends, teachers, coaches, and pastors.  Those lessons will help you have a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.

Sheriff Rodney Wright