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Saline County Sheriff's Office & ICAC

Press Release


Date:          May 15, 2012

Re:              Saline County Sheriff’s Office

Subject:      SCSO Joins AR-ICAC



The Saline County Sheriff’s Office has joined with the Arkansas Internet Crimes Against Children.  This task force is dedicated to investigating internet crimes against children.  There are forty seven (47) Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies participating. 

The limitless boundaries of the internet has left law enforcement with only one logical option in combating the increasing number of incidents of technology facilitated child exploitation and internet crimes against children.  Each primary member agency works independently on issues in its own jurisdiction, but also cooperatively with the other task forces when a particular offense, the transmission of child pornography for example, crosses traditional jurisdictional boundaries.  The incidents of cross-town or local attacks on children are now minimal compared to the more common attacks involving interstate or international child predator attacks.

The Saline County Detectives assigned to this task force will work closely with the ICAC office in Little Rock, several times a week.

Anyone with information to report incidents of technology facilitated child exploitation and internet crimes against children is encouraged to call (800) 843-5678 or online at