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Detention Officers receive commendations

Several Saline County Detention Officers recently received commendations for aiding detainee's.



I would like to take this opportunity to officially commend Deputy Nancy Shelnutt for her actions of April 27, 2012 in which she very well may have saved the life of a female inmate. 

Deputy Shelnutt observed the inmate starting to show signs of diabetic distress and immediately started taking actions to diminish the inmate's high blood pressure and low blood sugar.  Deputy Shelnutt was off duty when she called me and advised me of the situation, stating that the inmate should be taken to the hospital.  Deputy Shelnutt and Deputy Winberry took her to the Emergency room.  Deputy Shelnutt called me later and advised that the inmate had been stabilized but it looked like she would have to stay in the hospital overnight.  Deputy Shelnutt stated she would stay with her until someone could relieve her and Deputy Winberry.

I called the detention center on Saturday and was advised that the female inmate was transported back to the Detention Center by Deputy Shelnutt and Deputy Winberry, arriving at approximately 11:00 PM.  Again, Deputy Shelnutt’s shift was over at 5:00 PM.  Her dedication and devotion to ensure the inmate received immediate medical care went above and beyond the normal call of duty.  Her actions reflect the highest standards of the Saline County Sheriff’s Office.   Deputy Shelnutt is a dedicated professional and I am proud to have her in my Division.  Deputy Shelnutt’s quick and decisive actions kept the inmate alive and I feel she is very worthy of this commendation.



I would like to take this opportunity to commend the actions of Corporal Michael Murray, Deputy David Coulson, Deputy Pam Finney, and Deputy Sam Griffin.  On May 9, 2012, there were three subjects brought into our jail, all of which appeared to have been high on some type of narcotic.  The male subject was place into holding cell #2, and the two females were separated in two other pods for safety purposes due to their erratic behavior.

Corporal Michael Murray was in the booking area when he heard someone coughing very loudly in holding cell #2.  When he checked the cell he saw that an inmate was lying face down on the bench and that there was mucous coming from his nose and mouth.  Corporal Murray repeatedly asked the inmate what he had taken and the inmate refused to answer.

Corporal Murray immediately contacted Deputy Coulson from the infirmary and Deputy Pam Finney from booking and they initiated medical protocol on this individual.  The inmate’s vitals were taken and Nurse Melissa Bentley was contacted by phone.  Ms. Bentley contacted the doctor on call and then called Corporal Murray and advised the inmate should be taken to the emergency room.  Corporal Murray again asked the inmate what he had taken and the inmate replied he did not know what he has taken and that all he wanted to do was die.

Transport officer, Deputy Sam Griffin, was called to the jail for transportation purposes.  Deputy Griffin transported the inmate to the Saline Memorial ER where he was later put into ICU.  Deputy Griffin stated that while he was with the inmate at the ER, that the inmate stated he had swallowed methamphetamine.