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It’s not exactly a “Get out of Jail Free” card, but if your name is on one of 3,000 outstanding Saline County arrest warrants, an amnesty plan set up by the Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) could save you a lot more than Monopoly money.

The plan, would set aside 3-weeks for violators to clear up any non-violent misdemeanor charges, which could result in a trip “directly to jail” the next time you get pulled over.

Those who turn themselves in would have to pay a $50 warrant fee, but would then be permitted to leave the lobby of the SCSO and go home. 

For those who chose to participate in the amnesty program, the process would be as follows:

1)      You must proceed to the Saline County Sheriff’s Office, located at 735 S. Neeley Street, Benton, Arkansas.

2)      You must provide proof of identification with a photo ID.

3)      Once the non-violent misdemeanor warrant has been located, you will be provided a date to appear in court.

4)      You will then need to proceed to the window and pay a $50 warrant fee.

5)      Once the warrant fee has been paid, you will be free leave the lobby area.

This amnesty program will begin on Monday December 7, 2015 at 9:00 am and last until Wednesday December 23, 2015 at 4:00 pm.

The Saline County Sheriff’s Office will NOT be verifying warrants over the telephone, so please do not call the non-emergency number or the SCSO Detention Center.  Your request will not be honored and you will be asked to proceed to the SCSO if you chose to participate in the amnesty program.

Sheriff Rodney Wright stated, “We’re not going to give anybody a free pass who is involved in serious crime. But otherwise, people who participate in this amnesty program and have non-violent misdemeanor warrants, would not go to jail.”