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Support Division

The Support Division is under the command of Captain Joey Shamlin.  The Support Division provides a number of operational support services via several individual sections.


Evidence Section – The Evidence Section is responsible for the cataloging, handling and storing of every piece of property and evidence that comes into the custody of the Sheriff’s Office.  This includes lost and found property; such as wallets, license plates, phones, etc. and physical evidence that was collected during investigations.  The Evidence Section carefully tracks each individual piece of property so that it can be accessed immediately when needed and to ensure that it is released or destroyed when necessary.


Public Information Information Section

  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) – The Public Information Section handles and responds to all requests that are covered under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.
    • To request reports and information from SCSO or to read more about the SCSO FOIA process, scroll to FOIA once you click here.
    • HOURS OF CUSTODIAN OF RECORDS:  This position is part-time, up to 20 hours per week, flexible (hours and times of day may differ slightly from week to week).  Generally, the most consistent times for this position to be in the office are Mon-Thurs, 8am-12pm. 
    • More information about your rights under this law can be found at the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office website here
  • Public Information Officer – The Public Information Officer (PIO) is the voice of the Saline County Sheriff's Office. He/She is the single point of access for media outlets and private citizens to gain information about the agency’s operations and plans.


School Resource Section – The School Resource Section is the home of the Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officers (SROs).  These specially trained deputies are assigned to school districts within the county to provide support to the students and faculty in areas such as safety and security.  The SROs help deliver information to students about avoiding and detecting drug abuse, internet and social media safety concerns and many other topics that are affecting today’s youth.

  •     Bauxite Public Schools – Dep. Bobby Shell
  •     Sheridan (East End) School District – Dep. Hunter Berry
  •     Harmony Grove School District - Dep. Amanda McClain


Training Section – The Training Section has perhaps the greatest responsibility of the entire division.  This section manages the training schedule, curriculum and assignments for every employee of the Sheriff’s Office.  This includes making sure each deputy is meeting the minimum requirements of the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training (CLEST) as far as specific annual classes (racial profiling, bias-based policing, firearms, etc.) and the total number of training hours for each individual.


Internal Affairs Section – The mission of the Internal Affairs Section is to assist the Sheriff in maintaining the public trust by conducting administrative investigations of deputies involved critical incidents as well as complaints received against any employee of the Sheriff’s Office.  Critical incidents include officer-involved shootings, pursuits resulting in serious injury, or any incident resulting in serious injury or death of a person, regardless of any allegations of misconduct.

  •     Complaint Guidelines - All complaints are evaluated to determine the severity of the complaint and the possible impact on the employee in question. As a matter of policy, the Internal Affairs Section does not investigate complaints concerning traffic violations or criminal charges when a person’s guilt or innocence is the issue in question.  The complaint form can be found at the bottom of this page.
  •     Timeline and Disposition - The complaint process can take up to sixty calendar days or more depending upon the complexity of the complaint. All internal investigations are conducted fairly and impartially. Once the process is completed, you will be notified in the form of a letter regarding the disposition and action taken.
  •     Additional Information - The Internal Affairs Section does not normally investigate unsigned complaints, third party complaints, anonymous complaints, or complaints of improper actions (whether administrative or criminal) by employees of other law enforcement agencies. To file a complaint, you can visit the Internal Affairs Section office at 735 S. Neeley Street, Benton, Arkansas 72015.  You may also do so by telephone by calling 501-303-5609.  Office hours are 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday (excluding county holidays).  After office hours, a message and return phone number may be left via voicemail and the call will be returned the following business day.





735 S. Neeley Street

Benton, AR 72015

  1. Disregard any reporting fields relating to personnel, employee or department identification numbers.
  2. Please print or type your name, home address, and telephone number(s) in the field identified as “complainant”.
  3. Print or type the names, home addresses and telephone number(s) in the fields identified as “complainant witnesses".
  4. Print or type a detailed narrative of what occurred and be certain to include the date of the incident, precise location where the incident occurred, identifying information of the deputy or other employee such as patrol unit license number, badge number, and name.
  5. Print or type your name in the complaint affirmation section and provide your signature to the form below the affirmation section.
  6. Attach any supporting information or documents that you feel might assist the Internal Affairs Section in this investigation.
  7. Lastly, upon completion of the complaint/compliment form, please be sure to provide your signature on the affirmation section in the presence of a notary, who should then affix their seal on page 4 of the citizen complaint/compliment form to certify the authenticity of the form.

Click Here to View the Citizen Complaint Form





      Captain Joey Shamlin

  Support Division Commander




To request reports and information from SCSO, scroll to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) once you click here.

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