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One of the most important tools for law enforcement when searching for a missing child is an up-to-date, good quality photo along with descriptive information.  The Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) is offering free Child ID/Fingerprinting for children.  Using the latest technology, parents receive a laminated ID card with their child’s information.  This is a simple yet effective tool to help families maintain current photos of and descriptive information about their children.

The SCSO has been able to offer this service through the support of Representative Kim Hammer, Arkansas House of Representatives.  Rep. Hammer assisted in securing a grant to purchase a computer as well as KidPrint software.  Additionally, Everett GMC and Buick was generous enough to purchase all of the KidPrint cards that are provided to the parents/guardians.  Everett GMC also provided funding to paint a SCSO vehicle which is used by Reserve Deputy Dwight McInturff, who has taken the lead on this program.

For the next three days, the SCSO will be at East End Elementary School printing students from kindergarten to 3rd grade.  For schools, the process works as follows:

1)  Notification is made to the school that the SCSO offers this service
2)  Parents are notified by the school and asked if they would like their children to participate
3)  If parents agree, an information sheet is completed and returned to the school
4)  A date and time is agreed upon for the SCSO to show up at the school
5)  For students who have signed permission slips, they are photographed and fingerprinted
6)  A card is prepared with detailed information on the child and provided back to the school
7)  The school returns the card to the parents of the child
8)  The process for each child takes less than 2 minutes

This program has been extremely popular and Sheriff Rodney Wrights hopes to continue it throughout his term.  

Sheriff Wright stated, “No program or identification tool will, on its own, keep children safe.  Parents, guardians and members of the community must all work together to help ensure children will be protected and have access to help if they need it.  Child safety is all our responsibilities.”