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Fawn Rescue

On Wednesday, June 17, 2015, Saline County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jack Campbell was dispatched to an address on Worth Avenue in Bryant.  The call was for an injured animal.

Upon arrival, Deputy Campbell was met by the residents of the address.  A small fawn was found to be tangled in a chain link fence.  The residents had removed the deer from the fence, however it was unresponsive. 

Suspecting that the deer was suffering from symptoms of shock, Deputy Campbell attempted to warm the animal.  The deer was eventually wrapped in a large blanket and placed in the rear of a Saline County Sheriff’s Office’s vehicle.

The fawn was transported to Deputy Campbell’s residence where it was hydrated and began to show signs of strengthening.  The fawn regained its composure but was unable to support its weight until the following day.  Once the deer could walk, Deputy Campbell transported it to a farm in Saline County. 

The deer is currently being nursed back to health and is being fed goat milk from a baby’s bottle.  It is anticipated that the fawn will not be strong enough to be released into the wild for several months.

Sheriff Rodney Wright praised the actions taken by the citizen who called 911.  Sheriff Wright has strongly supported maintaining an Environmental Crimes Unit at the Saline County Sheriff’s Office and commended Deputy Campbell for his immediate actions at the scene, as well as his unselfish caring of the deer during his personal time.