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Arrest of Gordon Beard for Not Possessing a License to Sell Crap Metal

On Monday, March 30, 2015, members of the Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), Criminal Investigation Division (CID), went to the home of Gordon Beard, W/M, 67, located at 308 Holy Ridge Road, Traskwood, for the purpose of issuing a citation for Failure to File an Electronic Record and Not Possessing a License to Sell scrap Metal.  This is a violation of Arkansas Code 17-44-106 and 17-44-108, respectively.  Both are misdemeanor offenses subject to fines up to $1,000.

Detectives entered the residence and began explaining the citation process to Mr. Beard.  Located on the table next to Mr. Beard was a loaded handgun.  For officer’s safety, that handgun was secured by detectives until the citation was issued.  The serial number of the Taurus 357 handgun was checked through the Arkansas Crime Information Center.  That handgun was reported stolen during a 2013 burglary in Benton.

Mr. Beard was placed under arrest for Theft by Receiving, which is a Class D felony offense.  Mr. Beard was transported to the Saline County Jail, processed, and later released on a $5,000 Signature Bond.

In Arkansas Code 5-36-102, the Arkansas General Assembly wrote the following:


                        It is found and determined by the 35 General Assembly of the

                        State of Arkansas that theft of metal sold to a scrap metal dealer

                        is a serious problem in Arkansas; that every day this problem is

                        not addressed is one more day that a person’s home or business

                        could be stripped of copper wiring or a farmer’s equipment could

                        be stolen and sold for scrap; and that this act is immediately necessary

                        because curtailing theft of metal to be sold for scrap is a pressing

                        issue that needs to be immediately addressed.  Therefore, an emergency

                        is declared to exist and this act being necessary for the preservation

                        of the public peace, health, and safety shall become effective on

                        June 13, 2013.


Sheriff Rodney Wright wants the citizens of Saline County to know that a permit is required from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), and a license must be issued by the SCSO to operate as a scrap metal dealer.  All scrap metal transactions must be electronically recorded.  The resulting fines for not having the permits from ADEQ and the required license can be a $1,000 fine for each incident.

Sheriff Wright urges the public to contact the SCSO at 501-303-5609 should they suspect persons of violating this, or any other, laws.