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Law Enforcement Teamwork + 7 Year Old’s Observations = Capture of Shooting Suspect

For nearly 11 hours, Gerald "Boggie" Sanders eluded police after he allegedly shot a woman on Oilwell Road near Traskwood early yesterday morning. 

As events unfolded, the SCSO kept the public informed with up-to-date, real-time, information.  Several photographs were released of the suspect, and TV/Radio/Print agencies posted those photos.

To help locate this armed and dangerous suspect, the SCSO was assisted by Bryant PD K-9 units, an Arkansas State Police helicopter, Haskell PD officers and Benton PD officers. 

At approximately 5:00 pm, a 7 year old boy asked his mother if the person in their back yard was the same person on television.  As it turned out, the subject that the 7 year old observed was "Boggie" Sanders. 

The father of the child quickly contacted a neighbor, who was an off-duty Benton police officer.  Within minutes of the 7 year old spotting the suspect, he was placed in handcuffs by the off-duty officer.

Yesterday's events are clear examples of how police must collaborate with each other, and how important it is to build a strong bridge between law enforcement and the community. 

Hats off to the young 7 year old who was observant enough to spot something that was out of place in his backyard and inform his mother of what he saw.  Within minutes of informing is mom, an armed and dangerous suspect was apprehended and members of the community could sleep without unnecessary concern.